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Epoxy Floor Systems

Seamless Epoxy flooring is the perfect way to make your garage functional and impressive. It is often the only section of the house without any floor coverings, which can cause a lot of dirt and stain build up.

This Epoxy floor system will not only make your garage or floor look much better it will help to keep the area clean as it is chemical resistant. The floor is also a hard wearing and durable surface, which particularly suit high traffic and vehicle areas.

Our system is completed in four stages:

  1. Any cracks or chips will be cut open then filled with a concrete epoxy resin.
  2. Diamond grind the concrete surface – to remove any containments or previous coatings, this will cut the concrete so it becomes porous to ensure a good adhesion. All grinders have vacuum attachments where there will be almost no dust at all.
  3. Two part epoxy will be applied to the floor, then decorative flakes or glass of your choice applied.
  4. Excess flakes will be removed, lightly sanded, and then two coats of polyurethane UV resistant sealer will be applied.


A sealed driveway can protect the surface and keep the colour vibrant for many more years than an unsealed driveway. We offer many different sealing services depending on the type of surface to be sealed and what look you desire. A clear sealer can be applied to stone aggregate driveways to help resist the accumulation of dirt and grime, or for a different look for your plain concrete you can have a colour sealer applied.

See below for colours, but if the colour you desire is not here contact us to have a chat about other colour options.

driveway sealing colours


Driveway cleaning - change the look of your house with our driveway cleaning service. We use an industrial grade high pressure cleaner with a Whirlaway attachment to ensure a professional, even clean, with no lines.
You can have your driveway cleaned from as little as $85+gst.

Roof cleaning – Instead of getting a full roof restoration, we can clean the dirt and grime off your roof to make it look fresh again. Our industrial grade high pressure water cleaner will be used with a Whirlaway attachment to ensure an even clean with no line marks.